Saturday, March 02, 2019

a day with Primrose, an evening at the farmette

My trips to Chicago have a very agreeable routine to them: a first evening supper at the young couple's home, with both parents, catching up on stuff. A Friday devoted entirely to being with Primrose. And a Saturday of more play with her, followed by a brunch en famille, in one of Chicago's many many wonderful brunch places.

As always, I keep my camera not too far from my side. These photos are my souvenirs, my true mementos of our time together. With Snowdrop and Sparrow, I'll take a few pics and if I'm satisfied that there is at least one good one, I'll put away the camera for the rest of our play. With Primrose, it's different: I want to remember her every expression.

Take this morning, as I feed her  her morning meal. ("Grandma, why are both of my bowls empty??")


Sometimes, her expression is intuited. Here she is, lost in a book...


I can't see your face, little one!
"Well then read the book, grandma!"


(Photo taken by daughter)


Playing with the girl means I have to anticipate the hurdles and pitfalls she faces.  She is an explorer and I make sure that her bravery doesn't get her in trouble. And occasionally, I'll offer a helping hand to get her across the tough spots.


It also means being there to reassure...

("Where did the bunny rabbit go? No, not the one on my dress, the one that belongs in this car!")


And to figure out good paths to better outcomes.

("Found him!")


It's tough being eleven months old!

When she naps, my daughter and I sit down for a mini breakfast. Fruit, with kefir and honey. Kefir is my fourth favorite beverage of all drinks out there! (You can probably guess the others. Yes, the short list includes fizzy water and cafe creme.)


As we sit down for a leisurely chat, I'm offered a golden latte. I've never had one before. My girl whips up almond milk with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, a drop of coconut oil, and honey. A coffee without the coffee! (I'm thinking that at my age, I have a reservoir of so many favorites that I rarely notice new offerings in stores or coffee shops. My daughters are my link to a world that has moved forward, whether or not I've been paying attention.)

And now Primrose wakes...


And we bundle up for our brunch outing.


The young parents have suggested Fat Rice, a place with a cook who whips up Macanese food like you wouldn't believe! He's good! (And has been well recognized for his talents.)

(Arrival: Primrose takes in the colors and the customers.)


(Studying the menu...)


The restaurant is appended to a bakery which puts out a steady supply of pork buns, croissants with kaya jam, and egg tarts.  Primrose is tempted.




The flavors are sublime. I order a chewy rice flour, egg, spinach and shiitake stir fry, with spices that are mind blowing -- both subtle and profound.

There are a lot of talented people in Chicago who cook with passion and commitment. Here's a blurb from the Fat Rice website explaining the goals of the kitchen:

Arguably the world’s first fusion cuisine, the Macanese table includes ingredients and techniques from Portugal, India, South-East Asia, Africa, China and other far reaches of the globe that the Portuguese traveled during the Age of Discovery. It is our goal to preserve, protect and aid in the evolution of the Luso-Asian table.

It's a wonderful meal.

("Can we take some of the piglets home?")


("No, not this time.")


The hard part is giving that last hug and saying good bye. Stay happy and healthy!

Next time I'm in Chicago we will be, at least by the calendar page, fully into spring.

At the farmette all is quiet. Deer come in toward dusk, just as I am driving up...

 farmette life-2.jpg

New snow had fallen (of course... what a surprise...), some combination of cats came and now disappeared into the dark night. Ed survived without me.
Have a good time, gorgeous?
Yes, yes I did. 
He pops corn, we settle in for an evening together.