Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I do not know why I imagined that having an hour or so in the morning would allow me to make inroads into the staining/sealing of farmhouse window trim and frames project.

It doesn’t. Ed and I spend the better part of that hour at Home Depot studying the choices. If you use this conditioning product, you must use that stain. And with that stain, only this polyurethane is appropriate. And by the way, for this polyurethane you need a mask, or bare the risk brain damage. Ed has a mask. But the filter is getting raunchy. Home Depot doesn’t stock the right filter.

The easiest part was selecting color. Cherry. Why not.

Still, we make progress. We now have cans of product and sandpaper and tape and sponges.

At the farmhouse I put forth one last effort at soliciting help (Andy? Grandson of Andy? Ed? Ed???) but they all tip-toe out of earshot. Because, I’m finding out, it sucks to stain window trim and frames.

I linger long enough to admire the demolition and now, finally, the baby steps toward construction. The ceiling in the kitchen is basically in shreds...

DSC05836 - Version 2

...but the door frames upstairs are going up and the floor boards are being replaced in places where they are basically worthless. Or nonexistent.

DSC05838 - Version 2

It is a cold day and all that had melted outside is now frozen and hard to walk across. But, the sun is out and the skies are blue and the men work and the woman dallies over her window trim, then goes off to teach her classes.

DSC05843 - Version 2