Thursday, July 29, 2010


Riding the bike to campus, I think again how I underestimate the time needed to get there. I’ve done the ride hundreds of times and still I leave too few minutes for it.

I focus on the road, I weave between pedestrians. During summer months they walk without thought to bikes. They don't know that we are to share.

Even during the tightest rides, when there are no minutes available for lakadaisical thinking, I cannot help but notice the magic spots along the way. For instance this one, along the lake path, where this couple (or pair of friends?) pauses to have a relaxed conversation (I can tell they are relaxed; they exude relaxedness).


I love my new camera to pieces but I cannot take the time to really use it, because this week, I will always be in a hurry. You have this photo from today – enjoy it, because that’s all I have for you.

Why this sudden madness of too few hours? Time is catching up with me. But, next year (I tell you!) it’ll be different.

I walk up the hill toward my condo, two grocery bags filled solid. A guy in bright red high tops comes up behind me. Say, you walking up that hill? Yes.... May I help you with those bags? I can take one... No, really, I like the challenge.

My daughters are coming up tonight. For the week-end. I may take out my new camera then and really play with it.

Though probably not a whole lot. These girls are doers. Most likely, the hours left in July and the hours that start the month of August will be packed.