Thursday, July 11, 2013


Let me start with supper, because it shows how disjointed, scattered, uncoordinated our days are right now (at the same time that it all pulls together to create a terrific whole).

 DSC03575 - Version 2

Leftovers (broccoli soup, sauteed cabbage...), the market produce (beans, La Baguette bread), the pulled together spinach salad, oh... all of it. Neither this nor that, not anything that hangs together and yet -- we really do like it this way.

Market produce, by the way, comes from our local Thursday evening market. We scoot up to it just before it closes and lo! There's our own wonderful, irrepressible farmer Lee!

DSC03570 - Version 2

We walk away with lots of free foods and flowers from her...

DSC03573 - Version 2

... and, too, a bit of sad news -- she may have nowhere to plant next year, as her principal landowner told her -- no more farming on this land.

Perhaps we did not understand.  Let's hope we did not understand. (Farmer Lee speaks limited English.) But she continues: Planted strawberries. No. Next year no.

We want to offer her our land, but do we even have enough for her to continue to farm here? And if she can't farm those fields across the road from us -- what will become of them? Is it back to soy and corn? Endless fields of soy and corn? Or a new development?


DSC03562 - Version 2

A morning greeting to the flowers of the farmette. Today's highlights:

DSC03558 - Version 2

DSC03559 - Version 2

Then a day dowtown, on campus. I know -- I'm not supposed to be working in summer months. That's the theory. The reality is quite different.

And oh, how empty Bascom Mall  (where the Law School looks out) is now! Where are all the students who strip off all sweaters, jackets and socks at the first blush of srping? One -- I count one such body.

DSC03566 - Version 2

We have a run of dry summer days before us. The winds are down so the mosquitoes are back up and out again and still, we are in the thick of summer -- that time of blossoms and bats, fireflies and butterflies. Summer!

And that is a good thing.