Thursday, July 30, 2009

little deals

When you work most of the day, in the minutes that you are not working, you exaggerate everything. Everything!

For example: I suffered terribly the pain of not liking my haircut (Jason, you are a haircolor genius, but as for the cut – do I really look like I am that kind of a person??). And, at the moonlight job, the moon was significantly up and running by the time I finished for the day. The computer system had crashed and nothing appeared as it should. Miserable. The phone at home rang at all the wrong times: phone calls that I would have wanted to miss reached me and those that I wanted – passed me by.

(My traveling companion is away on a wilderness trek that sounds worse than hell to me and so I am at least grateful that I am not suffering the conditions that I know he finds quite tame (the boundary waters of Canada and Minnesota).

I look up at the sky – a gray, wet sky, with one or two threatening clouds and I think – this summer is different from the others. Something to do with the weather maybe? Too cold? Or is it something else?