Monday, July 05, 2010

the tail end

What can you say about a day when your most memorable (in a sad sort of way) activity is packing up your favorite camera for shipment so that it can be resold?

The camera, a mere infant at not even a full two years (though admittedly of almost daily and incessant use) developed a problem which is, for me, expensive to fix. (Most every photo from June had to be corrected for this issue – a very very time consuming task!) And so off it goes now on its journey to the east coast where I hear it will be treated well by people who are able to repair it and give it a loving second home.

In the meantime, I am retreating for a while from SLR cameras (sniff). And from photography, if today is any indication!

Worry not, it’s only a day’s rest. And for your kind patience, I’ll reward you with the color of last night’s fireworks – those across the street from me. (I have a 24 hour rule about posting photos -- these fit!)

Ed could not stay awake long enough to come with me and so I crossed the street, found a lovely spot on the empty golf course and lay down in the grass (hoping that it was not treated grass, but, you never know...).

Just across the tree line, the fireworks began.


Lovely and loud, as a proper Fourth should be.

Toward the final ones, it started to rain – a warm summer rain that was like a curtain pulling an end to a beautiful week-end.


Tomorrow, I start teaching again.