Wednesday, November 13, 2013


On this second most busy day of the week, I sit in my office as the evening rolls in feeling not a little nostalgic. A student meeting reminded me of how much I care about these guys and how cool it has been to be involved in their educations.

And running parallel to this is a second stream of thoughts -- how in three weeks, my classroom days will be done and the stress of being ready and "on" for 150 students (I have that many this semester) will be a thing of the past. Being "on" for someone else is, to me, such a huge responsibility! As I move away from it, I can't help but feel the luxury of letting down my guard.

And still a third theme -- I was thinking of some travel that I have before me in the next six months and I was marveling at how different it is to hold back a little on the frantic scheduling of things. I don't have to make things fit anymore. I can decide now, decide later. I can mull it over a tad more.

All this, from my office chair, idling the last minutes of the day, before I head home to cook chili.

Earlier -- we woke to a somewhat warmer day. Though in my morning trek to the compost heap, I could see that our *new* raspberry patch still has a leftover dusting of snow.

DSC01784 - Version 2

Breakfast -- in the front room. We're just following the sun.

DSC01790 - Version 2

Campus time and Bascom Mall --  the belly of our university. The Law School is halfway up this hill.

DSC01792 - Version 2

And finally, the drive home. Coming up the back way, to see the sun set over the woods that stretch due north of the farmette.