Thursday, March 06, 2008

the brave, the hardy, the few

It struck me that it had been a while since I went by way of the bike path – the one that takes me past the lake to campus. Since the first snowflakes touched the gravel road. Half a year maybe. Or more. We’ve had snow forever.

And it also struck me that the prettiness of winter (which has left me uncharmed now for a number of weeks) is soon to be a thing of the past.

So I took a detour in the late afternoon.

It was a desolate place. A few hardy souls. That’s it. Here they are, refusing to give in to The Chill. Bundled up and bracing the wind. And looking not unhappy with the ice and snow. Heroes, all of them.

005 copy
one has fur, the other has a very big scarf

002 copy
forging ahead

008 copy
the ice fishers: they've figured it out and for that, they get my top honors