Monday, August 13, 2018


As us three girls are spending the night at the farmhouse (Snowdrop, mom, and grandmom), three sailing boys (Ed et al) spend the day moving a boat along to its destination. (Their wives are taking a day on the shore, and this one sweetie is, of course, tending to farmette matters.)

Snowdrop has spent nights here since she was a wee one, but with a new brother and all the spring and summer hoopla, it has been a while. Plus, Ed, who is her official pancake/waffle pal, is not here right now (did I mention this already?) and, too, on this visit she is waking up to a school day. Everything is a little off.

Nonetheless, I find mornings here really special. And there is plenty of time for stellar moments, including, of course, breakfast on the porch.

farmette life-6.jpg

The girl does love bacon and cherries, even more than whatever item she is dunking in maple syrup.

farmette life-10.jpg

Perhaps the most precious moments for me are ones where I do farmette chores. Whereas when I am alone, many of the chores surrounding plant and beast weigh me down, Snowdrop is so excited by them (especially the animal-related stuff), that it just makes me smile endlessly when she tags along.

(Running to help me with the cheepers)

farmette life-13.jpg

(Dishing out corn...)

farmette life-25.jpg

(May I pick some flowers?)

farmette life-27.jpg

(I can never say no...)

farmette life-56.jpg

(Flowers and smiles go hand in hand)

farmette life-62.jpg

Eventually, we do drop her off at school and I proceed to take my daughter home. I pause there to spend time with the little Sparrow boy.

farmette life-70.jpg

My girl, Sparrow and I take a long walk in the neighborhood and I see that he, too, is a stellar stroller baby. He and Primrose are alike in this regard. You probably think he is a serious little boy. Maybe. But I wouldn't put any money on it. He is, after all, only two months old.

farmette life-80.jpg

And in the afternoon I pick up Snowdrop. She isn't with me long -- she has an appointment with her parents later in the day, but it is a terrific little spell of reading and rehashing the day's events.

farmette life-5.jpg

Evening: a subdued time in a subdued garden.

One last study of the irrepressible effervescent lilies...

farmette life-86.jpg

farmette life-89.jpg

Ed's boat is likely full right now. They may well be playing cards. Or recalling yet again who did what way back when (the guys were once at the UW together), but at the farmhouse the evening is very, very quiet.

farmette life-91.jpg