Thursday, April 08, 2010

pushing luck

No one I know would admit to being a pessimist. People tend to view themselves as generally optimistic about their own lives (even as they may feel everyone else’s is falling apart). A small handful may tell you they’re not pessimistic exactly. More like realistic. Non-delusional.

Okay, but here’s a true indicator that generally, I belong completely to the band of optimists out there:

Perhaps you may remember that my purse rolled out of my backpack, most likely on the flight from Milan to Paris. That was Monday. Four days later I still have not cancelled my credit cards.

(If the finder of the purse and cards and licenses googled my name and came across this blog – let me assure you, there is a reward for a prompt return of everything. If you’re thinking you can use the cards – don’t go there. That plasma screen TV is not worth it. The New York Times reported that money and in general, the acquisition of consumer goods do not bring happiness. Returning missing goods, on the other hand, does bring happiness. The NYTimes did not say that, but I know. When I was 8, I returned $40 dollars that I found on the ice skating rink of Rockefeller Center. I still feel really pleased when I think about it.)

Why am I holding out (on canceling the credit cards)? Because I believe in the eventual return of the missing bag.

(I did buy a new bus pass. I can’t live without transportation. Though I did not yet get a new driver’s license. I can live without driving.)

So, yes, the jonquils will recover from the overnight snow cover, and yes, the tulip will release it’s tight hold and bloom its heart away for us.



At the core, I'd say  I'm an optimist.