Sunday, November 13, 2011


A commenter said – and I paraphrase – it’s good that your husband likes to do things around the house.

I think that her husband is a lobsterman.

I want to say – but Ed has never brought home lobster for dinner! Indeed, Ed is not the type that’ll fix dinner at the end of a long day (my long day). And he is not the marrying type. Hasn’t been from birth, he’ll tell you.

And yet, the house is rapidly turning yellow.


The sky – so luminous again! Verging on storminess, then clearing, then not, then -- who knows, who can tell...


Our cafĂ© is closed this afternoon and so we head out elsewhere for coffee, continuing on to Home Depot – the place where we had spent many a free day just a few seasons back. Familiar. I like that.

There was a lot about this weekend that could be improved upon, but not this – not the sense of quiet contentment. Returning home after Home Depot, we saw her, out in the harvested corn fields...


At home, we unpacked more cans of paint and a new snow shovel. Ed worked late into the evening again...


... and I grumbled about him wearing torn, dirty painter’s pants to dinner. My daughter and her guy came, we ate, they left and now – I have time to take stock of the good stuff.

Always, at the end of the day, one should take stock of the good stuff.