Wednesday, April 01, 2009

notes on comments and on fools

First, a reminder: I have been getting a trickle of comments (some nice, some not so nice; a shame, but there you have it: there willl always be those, who hang on blogs they don’t much like and scribble animated thoughts on other people’s wrong turns in life) without names attached to them. I make no exception here: no name = no publication, and no kindness = no publication. I only listen to nice people. Others? Nah... they mess with the psyche. (I mention this because I do understand that especially new Ocean readers do not rush to read blog clutter on the sidebar, so you may have missed these rules of mine.)

It is, of course, April 1st and I have always, always attempted to prank my daughters on this day. For the most part, this stopped being successful decades ago, but sometimes I get them just when they’re waking and so they do not yet remember the date. For a second, I’m in fool heaven.

But today, I think I outsmarted them. I wrote an email with something so outlandish that I am sure they dismissed it instantly as an April Fool’s mom-is-at-it-again thing. Except that it was the truth: daughters, I wrote them, I’m off to Poland soon, for a Saturday afternoon in Warsaw.

Now, here’s the thing: is it a fool’s gag? And if so, am I teasing Ocean readers as well? Given yesterday’s post, you may think yes. Or... no.

Time will tell.