Friday, September 01, 2017

September gold

A nip in the air, a blue sky and a burst of gold -- this was our September greeting!

farmette life-4.jpg

I fold up and put away my mosquito garb. I wont be needing its protection any longer.

Breakfast is still out on the porch, but I'm wearing my fleece. Ed scoffs at that, but I think 60F (16C) is bracing!

farmette life-9.jpg

It's my weekly grocery shopping morning. I'm happy to see plenty of berries, cherries and peaches (Snowdrop favorites) in the store, but I know that these are no longer from the Midwest. I'm supporting the fruit growers from other parts of the country!

In the afternoon, Snowdrop's parents are at work and so I take the little girl to her new class/new teachers orientation. She'll be on the young end in a class of bigger kids. She wont mind: Snowdrop takes exactly two minutes to shed her shyness toward others.

Though in fact, she is not totally in a world of strangers. She seems to know teachers and they know her. And the class room is just lovely! I predict a good year ahead.

(With one teacher...)

farmette life-13.jpg

(Out in the big kids' playground: bliss!)

farmette life-21.jpg

(Yep, I think she's going to like it here!)

farmette life-23.jpg

At the farmhouse, she has a million ideas on what to do before nap time.

Ride a bike. Read a book.

farmette life-27.jpg

farmette life-30.jpg

All to the tune of "just one more minute, Gaga!"

Finally she settles into an extended game of "restaurant" and I know I'm losing the nap battle big time.

I need to sit my babies at the table!

farmette life-31.jpg

Just a few carrots!

farmette life-34.jpg

And pineapple! And mushrooms! And pizza! And sushi! And and and....

farmette life-36.jpg

Ed returns just then from his techie meetings. And now we all have to "eat!" Babies, be quiet in a restaurant! Yelling hurts my ears!

farmette life-42.jpg

Oh, Snowdrop! You're getting to that age where a whole lot of life happens every waking hour and I don't know a fraction of it! I used to know every whim, every fancy, and every peccadillo of the little babe. Not anymore. She is, in other words, growing up fast!

September. Sunshine, cool nights, golden landscapes. We're ready for all of it.