Wednesday, April 18, 2018

bizarre blizzard

All day, the warnings came: heavy snow expected this afternoon. Look for at least half a foot accumulation.

We're almost unaffected by the strangeness of this weather. Hardened by weeks of cold, we shrug our shoulders and talk not of planting perennials, but of taking out skis tomorrow.

Never have I contemplated skiing here in April, let alone the second half of April.


(Hey, what's happening?)

farmette life-2.jpg

Breakfast, luxuriously colorful.

 farmette life-7.jpg

Outside, Java flounders.

farmette life-11.jpg

And it is just the beginning of the storm.

I have to rethink my afternoon with Snowdrop. Normally, she would come to the farmhouse after school and eventually I would take her to dance. Indeed, when I pick her up, she has her ballet shoes on. She is so ready for this.  But the weather is so awful, that everything is closing early (with the exception of schools -- our schools rarely close for reasons of snow). There will be no dance today.

Is she disappointed? For sure. But Snowdrop easily navigates changed paths and adjusted schedules.

farmette life-13.jpg

I tell her that instead, I'll be driving her straight home. We'll play for a while there. (I see no reason to put her on the slippery rural roads that lead to the farmette. We may as well stick to city streets. After, I can slowly make my own way home.)

Of course, she can always do a dance or two at home. On tippy toes...

farmette life-16.jpg

Leg up high...

farmette life-22.jpg

A twist, a spin, a run, a grin.

The snow comes down hard. As I pull into the driveway at the farmette, I notice how pretty it is, in a Christmas card sort of way. Where was all this snow when we longed for it, say in January?

farmette life-28.jpg

Lovely, but so out of place here, on April 18th.

A little red...

farmette life-29.jpg

A little yellow...

farmette life-30.jpg

And a lot of white. And no green in sight.


farmette life-34.jpg