Sunday, January 18, 2009

standing on ice

The sun was out this morning. It was a good challenge to the piercing wind and the bitter cold air. Still, it stayed around 6 degrees (F). With winds that kicked things around and made everything appear even colder.

Let’s go! – I say to Ed. I am on a “keep moving” kick. So that we don’t become permanently glued to a couch this winter. Ice sculptures. We can take a look at them.

I don’t really know that there are ice sculptures, but it seems that each year at around this time I’ve seen them just south of the Capitol. We head downtown.

No ice sculptures.

Just our capitol. And piles of snow.

002 copy

We walk toward the Monona shorefront. Oddly enough, I quite like being out on the lakes now, during the bright, biting cold days of winter. Sun on face, toes losing it to the bitter cold, nose long gone, fingers hangin’ in there. It’s all sort of wonderful. For a not too lengthy walk on the snow-covered ice.

003 copy

006 copy

I once biked across the lake in winter – Ed tells me. Do you want to hike over to the other shore? He likes to remind me of the bigger challenges, the ones I wont consider.

009 copy

I'll stick with the small steps. This was my significant nod to winter. Hello, bitter cold day.

And now I need a few days to warm myself, inside and out. Meantime, the monsters can have their romp.

012 copy

In the evening, it snowed.