Thursday, January 12, 2017

up up and away

It's a lovely day for travel. True, airports in western Europe are closing because of storms (and I do have to pass through there tomorrow), but here, in Wisconsin, a light overnight dusting of snow has again added charm to the winter landscape and after initial clouds, the blue sky will once again take hold.

I'm not really rushed today. I'm scheduled to travel to Poland, but it's a quick trip (back next Wednesday) and so requires no great preparation (though I agonize over what boots and mitts to take: one day I read there'll be snow, the next -- that it's cold, yet another time I read about a "wintry mix," followed by sunshine).

Still, my little case is packed by the time Ed and I sit down to breakfast. (He, on the other hand, is a little rushed, as he has some work issues to attend to, but still, we give our morning meal special consideration.)

farmette life-6.jpg

Though I have an afternoon flight out of Madison, I volunteered to pick up Snowdrop from school anyway. It's a routine that I love and she's quite happy with is as well. But I do not take her to the farmhouse. Instead, we go to her home. And yes, I again do not dress her for the outdoors. My excuse: it's a short walk from the car to her front door!

farmette life-7.jpg

We play with all her favorites, but once she hears daddy moving around downstairs, she is eager to seek him out.

farmette life-20.jpg

She'd like both of us to play with her. She suggests music and dance and is a bit disappointed when I say "not today..."

farmette life-23.jpg

Still, a big hug puts a smile on her face. I'm off. See you next week, little one!

I drive home to pick up my suitcase and Ed, who'll take me to the airport. Oh, but it's a pretty day at the farmette!

farmette life-24.jpg

On the ride to the airport I speculate how I should have done this trip differently. I should have been in this place longer, I should have booked a day more there, a day less elsewhere.. Ed tells me to change things around and of course I should and yet, it is so me to stay rooted in something I thought up a long time, without a clue as to weather patterns or inclinations.

I tell him I'll give it some thought.

And now I'm at the airport and the sun still shines and tomorrow evening, if all goes well, I'll fall asleep in Bukowina Tatrzaniska -- a hamlet just by the Polish Tatra Mountains.