Wednesday, November 01, 2017

hi, November...

November in Wisconsin tests your love for the great outdoors. Once more I wake up thinking -- the less time I spend outside today, the better. Gray, damp, cold. Bleh.

It's hard to explain to the little girl why an after school romp in the playground may not be worth our while. Sure, for the past several days she hasn't wanted to linger there. But walking to the park has been so much our routine for the past seven months that switching things around requires some aforethought and preplanning.

First, breakfast. A mini breakfast. No one is hungry. The inactivity, the hovering sniffles, the physical lethargy -- are all starting to have an effect...

farmette life-1.jpg

I suggest to Ed that he come with me for the Snowdrop pick up. That would be an exciting change of pace for her. Unfortunately, ever since remote work connections have entered into his life, he is far more tied to a schedule of meetings and planned conversations.

I'm on my own.

And still, when I finally head out to her school, Snowdrop greets me with such joy, so many hugs and smiles that I can tell our afternoon on this cold and dreary day will be just fine.

I tell her the plan: the library, then Paul's Coffee shop to pick up some pickles for Ed. She is on board!


farmette life-5.jpg

farmette life-13.jpg

farmette life-28.jpg

the library:

farmette life-30.jpg


At home, we play school. These days, we always play school.

farmette life-36.jpg

Outside, it's nearly dark. The rain is coming down without hesitation. Ed says -- I have to put the cheepers away. She says -- Please, can I come?

They go out. They're gone for a long time.

Later, he tells me she insists on climbing wood chip piles, closing cheeper coops and sweeping up pathways, rain to the contrary...

farmette life-41.jpg

farmette life-42.jpg

Kids know how to deal with November. Me, I'm learning.