Friday, March 28, 2008

week-end high

It’s true. I’m not home for many week-ends of the year. Especially in Spring. I’m never home in Spring. It must be that way. And, it must be that my being away for significant periods of time (in May, June, part of July) is during, arguably, the nicest months in Madison. I cannot complain. No one forces me to head east or west or anywhere, for that matter.

But this is why I am so anxious about the weather now. I hope for perfection on the weekends I am here.

Today was a March version of perfection. I couldn’t really take advantage of it. It’s not quite the week-end. But I celebrated by staring long and hard at these (I was there late in the day, repotting my own orchid):

004 copy

..and then by sitting out on my balcony watching the sun go down.

Imagine (all you there in the sun belt)! For the first time in 08, I sat out on my balcony. (Truthfully, I was in my fleecy wrap, snuggled. Much like the orchid below. But still…)

010 copy