Friday, August 29, 2014


For me, the acronym for this day should be TBI Friday -- Too Bad It's Friday. The world awaits the weekend. Of course it does. Leisure is such a limited commodity in this country. The weekend provides respite to an overworked nation.

Me, I pack this day with so many chores that I can barely keep my focus. It's as if I'm on the work treadmill again. And today I've squeezed in additional little humdingers.  For example, I want to get my phone checked out. I no longer count steps with it, but I hate knowing that should I be so inclined, it's likely to overheat and burn itself right out of my anxious little fist.

Unfortunately, appointments for a phone check at our local Apple store begin at noon. Noon? Is that before grocery shopping noon, or after grocery shopping? Let's try for the latter. That means I have to run back and forth between the farmette and downtown Madison not once but twice today. Enough to make me dizzy.

But that's all the grumbling you'll get out of me today, because otherwise, the day is warm and lovely.

Not at sunrise. It's iffy then. Ed is sleeping soundly and so I hop out to free the cheepers and in the process, I scare some two or three dozen wild turkeys. I'm not sure wild turkeys would harm cheepers, but I do know they're scared of me. The minute they hear my footstep, they scamper and fly in every direction, as if fearing the Thanksgiving ax already.

The morning is misty and humid and I spend almost no time strolling through the yard.


(Though I do notice that the cosmos are carrying a good portion of it -- a sure sign of the last days of August, when everything else seems slightly bedraggled and worn.)


But after eating breakfast...


...and after all the chores are done, I do take a look around.

Sigh... It's as if someone pushed a button and the Fall stage set rolled into place. Sure, it's still toasty warm, but there is no question now -- it feels like we have moved into the next season. You can see it in the light. Suspended, to the side now. As if saying -- I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but it's time for me to move on.


I don't have good photos for you. That would require stepping out a little more and I am done with that for the day. The sun retreats and so do I. The breeze is light, inconsequential, the air is still. Take a deep breath. Summer is nearly over.