Saturday, September 05, 2015

a date day

What do you do if you're Ed and you're pressed to demonstrate the wonderfulness of life together, here at the farmette? If you know that your sweetie would like you to live up to the idea that every day is a birthday? And she's sort of hinting the she would like you to think of some delightful things to accomplish together on this day?

Well, you sleep in, first of all. Let this day begin a little later. Build up your energies for the challenges ahead.

Me, I let out the cheepers, do some cleaning, weeding, the usual early stuff.

I notice, by the way, that Oprie and Apple are getting bolder each day. Not so much with the first jump out of the coop...

farmette life-6.jpg

But in choosing now to eat the morning snack with the big girls. Butter occasionally will issue a gratuitous peck to say who's boss, but it's not especially vicious or strong. A little reminder. Nothing more.

farmette life-12.jpg

(And the flowers continue to announce the coming of fall.)

farmette life-15.jpg

(The farmhouse border is mostly composed of annuals now.)

farmette life-16.jpg

Finally, later in the morning, your sweetie tells you breakfast is nearly ready...

farmette life-19.jpg

... and you sit together on the porch...

farmette life-20.jpg

... and you suggest things to her.
You want to go kayaking?
That's more like something you would want. (I love kayaking, but it's such a production to get the boats and the bikes and the truck loaded, unloaded, reloaded. I don't want a production.)
How about biking?
Remember? My bike needs a repair.
I could fix your bike today.
Fun! (Note sarcasm.)

We pause and continue looking out at the yard. It's such a beautiful morning! After a while:
I do need to go to the market to look for dill. 
I'll go with you!

We have ourselves an outing.

This is the perfect time to buy some ingredients that would demonstrate my true origins.

farmette life-24.jpg

farmette life-25.jpg

(We also buy garlic from this favorite farmer to the right and favorite farmer's helper to the left.)

farmette life-26.jpg

And because, you know, it's a day that demonstrates that every day is my birthday and isn't it terrific to be spending all these years together? -- those kinds of emotions, then it's appropriate to reach into your wallet for the needed $7 to purchase your sweetie a bouquet -- the most beautiful one at the market today of course. From this vendor:

farmette life-23.jpg

It's a moment deserving of a selfie!

farmette life-35.jpg

At the farmhouse I get my ingredients in order.

farmette life-39.jpg

Fact is, when I was last in Warsaw, my sister fed me some real honest to goodness surowka (sometimes called surowka po Zydowsku, meaning raw salad in the Jewish style) It's a mix of raw cabbage, carrot, and cumin seed (you can also add apple if you want), all lightly brined with salt. (Childhood memories of the finest kind!)

farmette life-41.jpg

And, too, I finally get down to making pickles. Like my grandma used to make and like my sister now makes: cucumbers, dill, garlic, in salt water. (She tells me I could add currant leaves for flavor, but none were to be had.)

farmette life-44.jpg

The day is young.

You want to fix the grape vines? 
Sounds like work ... Any other ideas?
Well, let me fix your moped and attach that sea grass basket you picked up yesterday...

He does a terrific job, using scraps as always to get it just right. Isie boy participates.

farmette life-3.jpg

I'm deeply satisfied.
It's a perfect photo! 
You mean I look okay?
Well that too, but it has Isie and the two hens in it!

farmette life-5-2.jpg

The afternoon moves forward, but we still have some time.
We could go to Farm and Fleet and pick up some stuff for the chickens...
And daffodil bulbs! -- I throw in.
... and after, stop by at the chocolate store for a box of those lovely dark chocolates you like.
And while we're in that area, maybe stop in at the Chicken Store? This is the place in the village of Paoli that sells all things chicken. I'm hunting for a chicken for my moped.

We do all the above, driving along rural roads, listening to our favorite talk shows on NPR.

farmette life-1-3.jpg

At the Chicken Store, we talk with the owner about the changes in our chicken keeping and we get some insights as to what to expect from our new Brahma girls. And Ed picks up for me a chicken for Rosie.

We continue onto Farm and Fleet. This is the store that, a long time ago, gave me some insights into the guy whose chosen lifestyle was so different from my own. It's a place that combines machine parts, farm animal paraphernalia, gardening implements and, for good measure -- cheap socks for an Ed who likes a plain, sturdy cheap sock. The clerk always asks us if we have a farm tax exemption and I smile at the idea that we, the clumsy non-farmers that we are, should be at least theoretically regarded as people who work the land.

Chocolates at Candinas (well, a somewhat smaller box -- but not that small!)...

farmette life-3-2.jpg

...and take-out Thai food from our favorite local place.

At home, Ed attaches my chicken little...

farmette life-6-3.jpg

Such a good birthday! Even though it really isn't that at all -- just a day where we reconnect over things we do so well together.

farmette life-5-3.jpg