Tuesday, February 10, 2015


If it's Tuesday then it must be Snowdrop at the farmhouse day.

You don't want to hear about the tedious hours spent first on reviewing the used car additions to Craigslist for the day. Ed reminds me that we may be spending many weeks like this, poring over countless auto specs before finding the right one. That almost made me pick up the phone and call the Corolla owner and tell him that I'll take his car at any price at all, just so that I can get out of this car-polluted existence! But, I hold steady and turn my attention to other details of the day.

Like breakfast.


There is a bit of pale sunshine outside -- at least in the minutes I am out checking in on the cheepers. Lovely, gentle light that makes me forget about the freezing weeks we have before us.


Our molting white hen (who remains nameless here because we don't like her given name and never use it) is growing her feathers in and that is good news indeed! And in the meantime, Butter just keeps laying, year round, oblivious to the seasons, oblivious to the suboptimal conditions in the coop. She is our brave girl, that's for sure!


Little Snowdrop comes at noon and I remind her that soon there will be other little snowdrops -- of the blooming flower kind outside. She seems buoyed by that. (Or maybe it's my perky tone that gets her going.)


She alternates between this and more quiet time. With melodies drifting from my newly created playlist for her.

And then she is at it again -- in her crib, on her giraffe sheet (and coincidentally in her giraffe jammies), looking to me like she is taking her first dance steps! (Belle, the cow struggles to imitate Snowdrop's perfectly turned out leg.)


And of course, working hard on developing her social smile!


The skies clouded over when she left. They say there'll be that awful wintry mix, followed by plummeting temperatures. The winter that understandably leaves everyone frustrated. Though not me. At least not today.