Saturday, February 03, 2018

think: flowers

A Saturday offers an opportunity to get out and be adventurous. Ed and I found a stretch of land by Lake Waubesa (the lake that's just up the road from us) that we had thought was private property. It's not -- maps indicate that it belongs to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. We'd like to explore it. Maybe today?

Maybe not. It's dreary out there. Gray. Not too warm either.

We have breakfast in the front room. On this morning, I really appreciate the fact that daffodils have started making their preseason appearance at the grocery stores.

farmette life (5 of 5).jpg

Since I am reluctant to go out, Ed disappears to do some volunteer work at a construction site where they're demolishing a bank building. A group of hobbyists from a local maker space were given permission to scavenge some of the remains. So far as I know, he's there, taking apart doorways and glass partitions.

I stay home and do the annual task of planning out the next flower bed expansion. (In the front yard, where we'll both widen and lengthen it.)

And outside, the snow starts.

farmette life (2 of 22).jpg

I read the forecast: 1-3 inches. Big deal. That's a dusting, not a snowfall.

Back to my flowers. I look up at the roses on the table and think -- yes, soon there'll be roses outside too.

farmette life (3 of 22).jpg

In the evening, there is a special treat: the young family drops by! They have a house guest -- a close daughter friend who is therefore also a family friend. Snowdrop is delighted to be at the farmhouse with everyone!

farmette life (5 of 22).jpg

But, the grownups want to talk, so she corrals Ed (who was napping upstairs) to read her a book...

farmette life (8 of 22).jpg

Downstairs again, she and I do a puzzle. Hey, isn't it great to pretend the puzzle box is a sled? The girl scoots back and forth, back and forth...

farmette life (11 of 22).jpg

Late evening. Time for them to head out. I walk them to the front door... Oh, look! The snow may not be thick and deep, but it's lovely! The winds will come at night, but for now, the air is still. The branches are iced with white puffy snow. And the snow lump (excuse me -- snowman) is getting a fresh coat. Good -- he needed it. His stick hands seem to be saying -- help me out here, people!

farmette life (20 of 22).jpg

There's not enough snow for skiing, but it surely is enough to make you appreciate the subtle beauty of a winter night.

And the dining table... no progress yet? No, none at all. Indeed, I would say we take a step back. I had found a table I actually liked quite a lot on Craigslist (and it's only some 30 miles outside of Madison). It satisfied probably 8 out of 10 important factors (where the store bought one satisfies all 10). That's actually quite grand!

But it turns out that one of it's two flaws is fatal to Ed: the table has to be in its full "dining for eight" position all the time. It has no leaves -- it's just long.

I know I can override him. Farmhouse. Not sheep shed. Farmhouse. Indeed, I can just pull out the savings and purchase the table I love and be done with it. But I wont do that.

Not just yet.