Tuesday, April 23, 2013

this is it

Two photos from today and really, it came close to there being none. Early classes, late classes and a pointless wait in my office for a police officer who never showed up. That's my day. All cloaked in the cloudy skies of another (thankfully the last one) cold day.

Tuesday is always an exceptionally long work day for me, but today I had to leave home especialy early. Barely time for our precious (well, maybe only I think it's precious) breakfast.

DSC01778 - Version 2

Then the classes. Then the wait for the police officer.

What now? -- you'll ask. Well, really nothing too consequential. Or at least I did not want to make the call as to whether it is consequential or not. I mean, is it consequential when you look out your office window, thinking maybe that you'd like to take a photo of the most beautiful sunny day (this was yesterday), except your view is cluttered by the presence of a hunched, older man, crossing the green grass and he corsses so slowly that you give up?

You pack up your things and you head home. Except outside, just by the Law School entrance, you see The Man again. And he catches your eye. And you know that he knows that you have identified him. He moves a little to the side and you see that his pants are open and things that should be possibly concealed are not concealed. And he knows that you saw this. And he glares defiantly and moves more to the side and now you know that really, you have to report. Not because you care if things are concealed or not concealed but because you know that his intentions are not good.

So then comes the wait (today) for the police officer who wants to speak to you except he doesn't show up and so you sit and wait and finally give up.

After work, I head to a dinner downtown with a friend. And so here is the second and last photo -- a 'selfie' done on a timer.

DSC01792 - Version 2

And truly, that describes my day. Spring took a pause today and so did I.

On the upside, we are slated to have a string of sunny days. How beautiful is that!