Friday, November 23, 2012

the day after

One last holiday (or is it post holiday..) meal together: breakfast the next morning.

But before it, I toss and turn as an unusually strong weather system moves through overnight.  We don't get the precipitation, but we most certainly get the winds. Howling like the dickens, all night long. And then, in the morning -- cold.

Slowly, very slowly, the household eases into the new day -- with the kind of breakfast you want (I hope) for a cold morning -- eggs with sausages, pancakes with blackberry maple syrup, fruits, juices, coffees.

DSC06425 - Version 2

In the meantime, wild turkeys trot by, as if defying our celebrations the day before.

DSC06430 - Version 2

And then it's over. Oh, one daughter lingers, another does too, for a while, but we all have our work agendas for the day and the holiday mood can be only a memory. With leftovers. Turkey salad. Which Ed and I eat alone later in the evening.

DSC06432 - Version 2