Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You get to wonder sometimes – how many bloggers out there are really happy?

Bleh, what’s happiness… (that’s one response)… and how dare you talk of pleasure when marriages fail, your kids leave home, and the world is full of corrupt lawyers and other such entities waiting to suck you dry? (that’s another)

Still, there is this perspective (and it is mine today): you wake up, the skies are utterly somber, there are a million things that can go wrong for you on this day alone (some big, some tremendous), and yet… none of them go wrong.

You’re sound, you’re strong, you have ideas, your kids are off and running, and you’re attending to your debt. In one sweet exchange, you’re told – go home, we’re done hassling you.


If you placed me on a beach under a swaying palm tree, I could not be more at peace.

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