Saturday, September 08, 2012

humbly grateful

Sometimes I think I buy into the text too much. Of a movie, of a storyline, of a yoga class – I know it is what it is and yet I let myself get all misty eyed just because a yoga instructor tells us that releasing feelings of gratitude can be really healing.

Oh dear, tearing up on a yoga mat in a crowded Saturday yoga class in Fitchburg?

I look around me. Everyone is so young! Initially I think  – my, they are all half my age. Then I reconsider: some are near thirty. Then the truth hits – that still makes them half my age!

I’m glad I went to yoga. Much of the morning had been wasted on searching for airfares. At times I wonder if the savings are worth the agonizing hours spent running through the possibilities. Still we did it and we got mostly nowhere and eventually we had the sense to put it aside and get on with the day. Or, what was left of it after I finally sorted through the tomatoes Ed picked somewhere between dawn an the airfare search.

DSC02744 - Version 2

A canvas of multicolored, variously shaped tomatoes!

DSC02746 - Version 2

And finally, a very late breakfast. With an eye to the cool but pretty day outside.

DSC02748 - Version 2

On with the day... It used to be that we would do big and bold things on weekend days. This year we use free time without great ambition. Airfare searches, tomato picking and sorting, a small cosmetic construction project out on the porch...

DSC02752 - Version 2

We play tennis too. The game isn’t as awful as ones from previous days. That’s reassuring.

And in the evening, I put up supports for toppled flowers. And I sit back and admire the remnants of the summer garden. Including a surprising interloper. See that stalk of what appears to be corn? We have no idea how it came to grow there!

DSC02765 - Version 2

And yes, yes, I let all those feelings of gratitude flow. Because the days are so good here, at the farmhouse!

DSC02763 - Version 2

DSC02767 - Version 2

Supper? Left-over broccoli soup. I was very grateful that I made enough yesterday to last us through this evening.