Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I know, if you have to look at one more post of sweet morning photos along the water’s edge, you’ll take your business elsewhere.

You may think I am milking this morning journey along the lake.

You may think I am simply without ideas.

Or overworked. (I applaud that last thought.)

But really, it is the case that the play of morning light on the various (predictably, the same) points along Lake Mendota as I bike to class is always enchanting. So that even when my schedule is tight and I stand to be a second late, I pause. You would too.

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I do not neglect the ride back. But it’s never the same. I have time, I have loads of time, and yet, the light just isn’t there.

But, I give you this photo taken on the return, just to let you know that I do have a life beyond the morning lake shore path. Here I am, greeting the shrimpers from the Gulf. Tonight’s dinner: shrimp with kernels of fresh corn, slices of green onion and strips of basil. So simple. So fresh and honest.

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