Thursday, September 22, 2011

cool ride

Once again, a huge thank you to Ed’s motorbike-loving friends who gave me their jacket to use with Rosie. On a cool morning ride, it and the windshield Ed fastened onto Rosie keep me happy and warm.

(The road I take on Rosie parallels the bike route. No new vistas to admire, though everything feels different at 40 miles an hour.)


And on the return, on the way to the café, the pressures of the day are behind me, the prospect of a strong coffee just ahead... what could be better? I pull up and Ed's there. Hi Ed.


After? It's pleasantly late. We stop at the evening Fitchburg market, pick up some foods and I remember to keep little fruits tucked into the seat of Rosie, so that they don't fly away during the ride home.


Evening. The weight of the week is behind me. My, relief feels good.