Sunday, February 15, 2015


When you live in Wisconsin, February 15 is a day that brings some relief: you've crossed the summit and are now scooting down toward March. And you are three weeks away from daylight savings time, imagine that!

For us, it was one of the coldest days of this winter, but hey, now we can look forward! Things can only improve. And the furnace is still chuggin' along, the cars are starting, and the cheepers survived the worst of the worst, and they're growing back their feathers and soon they'll be digging for worms in the garden and I'll get really annoyed at them for the damage they'll be doing to my young flowers. Yay! Spring is within sight! (Today, they're still keeping to the shelter of the barn.)


And breakfast? Well, the usual, except that Ed surprised me with a request for eggs straight off the skillet, with a bagel and a beer. If you drink only one beer every month or so, why would you have it in the morning? Ah, the mysteries of the Edwardian taste buds!


During this leisurely meal, I outline my plans for a garden expansion for this spring. Our big effort was, of course, last year, in preparation for my daughter's wedding, but I have ideas on more improvements and though by the end of last summer, I was tired of tending to all the gazillion plants and veggies and shrubs and trees we have planted, predictably, my enthusiasm for creating finer landscapes has returned.

As for Snowdrop -- well, my daughter didn't really need my help today as she has two wonderful friends visiting this weekend (one from the east coast and one from the west coast, so you can say that people have come from far and wide to meet and greet the tiny one!). Still, my girl sensed that I would miss a moment with Snowdrop and so she invited me to stop by and visit and I did and it was jovial and delightful -- as it always is when all the people in the room are half your age (or thereabouts).

So I do leave you with a couple of Snowdrops here today, including one with my daughter's west coast friend.


Little Snowdrop gave us the best of herself...


...I'm sure they'll forgive her if/when she later falls apart and retreats to her young six-week old self. (Personally, I think she is adorable even when she gives in to a long hard wail, with the true pathos of a tired little one.)

Evening. I bake a cake for a brunch tomorrow for the young people. The Ligurian cake. The one with lemon and raspberries and olive oil.


Ah, but that's tomorrow's story.