Monday, May 28, 2007

from New Haven: overheard

(toddler’s voice) Mama? Mama?
Mamma is getting her degree. You’ll see her in a while.


My son took seven years. Toward the end of his senior year he had a meltdown and wanted time off (to ski). All the relatives had to get refunds for their airfares for his graduation. Today they’re all here. He finished! Seven years later, he finished!


Uncle! Uncle! Climb over here, can you? You can see him walk by here!

So, how do you photograph it all? (See here? I'm not the only one with trepidations.)


...Me, I'm just just biding time, waiting for the right person (out of oh so many) to walk by with a content grin...


Overwhelming? yes, though if I wait long enough, there will always be the food to help me regain my composure.