Saturday, May 07, 2011

yellow and red

I didn’t take many photos today. Every once in a while, I put camera thoughts to the side. I mean, the clunky thing dangles from my neck constantly, but sometimes I really don’t want to be looking out for good shots.

Now, running through the dozen photos from the day, I notice that they all are a variation on two colors: red and yellow. Coincidence?

Maybe. But a weird one. For instance, why take this picture? What caught me this morning, as I was leaving for the market?

DSC06697 - Version 2

As we biked toward downtown Madison and the Capitol Square for the Farmers Market, there were the pigs. You photographed them already... Ed reminds me. Yes, but this particular face, the one staring right at me – how can I ride by without pausing?


At the market, flowers are coming in from the fields.

DSC06702 - Version 2

And Ed picks up the last bag of cheese curds from Hooks cheese makers. Tomato and garlic flavored. My daughter has joined us and we stop by Matt’s stand for a brief visit. Matt typically has mushrooms, and soon there’ll be his ever wonderful asparagus. For now, we merely chomp on cheese curds.


What else is there to admire at the market? So much! Tomatoes! Red and... gold.


Across the street, we watch a golden haired girl greet a very very large dog. Against the backdrop of Graze’s red umbrellas.

DSC06710 - Version 2

And then we bike home. Past fields of yellow dandelions. If you look really carefully, you’ll spot the deer. It’s like a “Where is Waldo” game, except the deer you’re looking for is not wearing a red shirt.


...even as Ed is.

DSC06704 - Version 2