Saturday, October 15, 2011

trip south

Ahhhh, Chicago! I especially love my trips there now. There is no downside. An easy bus trip – time to work, read, nap. An even easier El trip and then I am at her stop. My daughter’s place.


And the promise of good, fresh and honest food. An evening of it. Wine, too.

A walk back, and now we’re home, her home. Her boyfriend plays the guitar very very nicely and he strums now.


...and she plays with it too, my little harlequin.

DSC00190 - Version 2

As usual, my eyes stay open far longer than the rest of me. Somewhere in there I drift off to sleep, to wake up now not in the country, but in the city. I used to live in cities.

A short walk for a brunch on the town – and this always spells vacation for me because at home, I never eat breakfast out. We have a very urban meal.

DSC00191 - Version 2

A leisurely one, with her and him, the very urban pair.

DSC00194 - Version 2

And now I’m back on the El and then the bus, returning north, to the country, to the farmhouse that’s just a little bit yellow.


What’s there not to love?