Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I always complete work on my first class of the day before I even leave the farmhouse.

 DSC00071 - Version 2

The final task before scooting off is to print the finished product.

Today, the printer stalls, then goes into overdrive, then completely malfunctions and with that little act of defiance, it nearly ruins my great desire to bike to campus.

I had not biked on any of my work days thus far this semester. Rosie has been my ride of choice. I hadn’t the time for a slower commute. But today – well, today is REALLY the last warm day of the season and I am determined.

DSC00072 - Version 2

When the printer fails, sucking up precious minutes, I curse. Loudly. Then I call in Ed to help.

(That same Ed, who has been gently and continuously scraping, priming and finally painting the grate that covers the AC unit outside.)

DSC00068 - Version 2

My printer is fixed, the lecture printed, I am off, speeding, because I am also late.

(Though not so late that I would not be able to take a photo of the goldenrod en route.)

DSC00076 - Version 2

To my surprise, Ed catches up with me by car. I think – how wonderfully sweet! Later, I find out that he was actually on his way elsewhere, but no matter: he gives me a two mile boost and with that, I can pedal my way to a timely arrival on campus.

I finish work. I have before me a late afternoon bike ride home: those are at once the best and the worst rides. The best, because the landscape is beautiful and golden and the time pressures have receded.

The worst because the last mile to the farmhouse is hilly. And I’m tired.

Ed is out biking tonight and so I eat my Nicoise alone.

DSC00082 - Version 2

And I think uncomplicated thoughts, like how warm it is today and how good it is that I got to bike on this last day of the warmest summer season ever.

DSC00081 - Version 2