Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Sometime in the middle of the night I thought the super bug had attacked me. That I was racing through life at fast forward and teetering at the edges. That sleep, wakefulness, Isis, Ed, the rain outside, all were there, and then were not there and then were there again. And maybe I'd survive the night and maybe I wouldn't but here I am, one breath older and anyway, isn't that daylight now and could it be that my head is clearing again?

That's when I knew that the tides had turned and that the cold was on its way out.

By morning, I am exhausted, but substantially better.

DSC01579 - Version 2
breakfast time

True, classes today are tough. But, students are forgiving and the clock moves forward and so the day ends with the sniffles receding and my future looking bright again. (Do note that I am ignoring the absolutely dismal weather we're having this week.)

DSC01585 - Version 2
 lunch time

God, I hate being sick.

 DSC01588 - Version 2
dinner time