Sunday, May 27, 2012

pushing forward

In the morning I say to Ed  -- I'll take a few photos early, because after, nothing but grading will happen.

So I take photos.

Breakfast on the porch.

Isis joins us for breakfast (and a general washing) on the porch.


My men after breakfast on the porch.

DSC07230 - Version 2

My men go off...


... and I am left taking photos by myself, arm held out, of myself, before I retreat to grade.


And then, I do, indeed, work my ass off.

...Until late in the afternoon when Ed says -- ready for Farm and Fleet?

Our trips to Farm and Fleet are legendary. It’s the place where Ed feels compelled to teach me about life. Here’s where he harbors the innocent hope that I will understand – about blades and cranks and springs and – well, the way the world works.

We pick up replacement shears and we consider (but reject at this point) chipmunk catch and release traps, and I watch men in overalls cart big bags of chicken feed, and others, like us, pick up this tool and the other, and I know I missed grading at least two exams by virtue of this trip, but really, there is work and there is life and sometimes a day has to accommodate both.

DSC07232 - Version 2

DSC07233 - Version 2