Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday little ones

Delays happen. You think of them as something that is part of air travel. But of course, mechanical issues can interfere with any mode of transportation. With the young family attending to car problems in Chicago, our morning here, in Madison, begins with crossed fingers: may everything work out well for them, and may they drive up without any more glitches, and before the rains come down on south central Wisconsin!

In the meantime, Ed and I have breakfast...

farmette life.jpg

... and then I join my daughter and Snowdrop at the downtown Farmers Market. It's not so crowded now. People don't think of outdoor markets as being full of bounty in late October. But for us, there's plenty to buy still!


farmette life-14.jpg

(pesto, cheese, beans, tomatoes...)

farmette life-21.jpg

Me, I'm in it for the good company. I've done all the grocery shopping that will carry Ed along while I'm gone next week.

farmette life-33.jpg

Back at the farmhouse, I see that Stop Sign is again at the porch door asking for food. Really? You just ate a while ago!

I watch her eat so hungrily... And then, on a hunch, I follow her once again. This time she goes to the garage.


Four little kittens.

farmette life-45.jpg

She has brought with her the little flock we always suspected she hid somewhere across the road.

farmette life-41.jpg

This is a huge challenge -- for us and of course, for them. There's much to be scared of: other cats, chickens, people. It doesn't help that Stop Sign is just as skittish, untrusting (except of Ed and me). Yet, if they give in to their fears, they'll be crossing that road all too often.

But how do we protect them? There isn't a chance in hell that Stop Sign and her four newest babes (and thankfully her last litter) will join the eight sheep shed cats in a peaceful and harmonious fashion.

Should we warm up the porch some? Surely these littlest guys are deserving of protection! Does anyone want to adopt some little kittens???

And in the afternoon, we see that luck is with us! The young family with their sweet Primrose pulls up, ready to head out with us to the pumpkin patch! But first, a look around, and a snack.

farmette life-51.jpg

farmette life-52.jpg

Pumpkin patch! It's a grand outing and only time and in the end a few sprinkles keep us from taking it all in. I'm posting a bounteous handful of photos, because, well, there are three kids and wonderful parents and it's October and how often do you find us all in a pumpkin patch anyway?!

(tractor pulls wagon with straw bales and those wanting a ride...)

farmette life-62.jpg

(which pumpkin? how about this one??)

farmette life-74.jpg

(Sparrow likes this one... I've noticed the little guy really does like yellow...)

farmette life-94.jpg

(it was a very long and convoluted drive from Chicago, but we are all so glad you three are finally here!)

farmette life-99.jpg

(the band of cousins, redoux!)

farmette life-114.jpg

(pumpkins, corn stalks, pumpkins)

farmette life-141.jpg

(a Sparrow accomplishment: he walked the whole way there and back)

farmette life-149.jpg

(I know this to be true -- I adore all these guys!)

farmette life-150.jpg

(loving the walk!)

farmette life-160.jpg

(a snack at the pumpkin patch shed)

farmette life-175.jpg

In the evening, the rain does come down, but we don't mind. We drive out to Pizza Brutta for a beautiful family supper...

farmette life-195.jpg

I sit across the table from my two daughters and I half listen to their conversation. They have a tone of voice that I hear only when they speak to each other. It's full of kindness and a desire to be good to the other. It's funny, it's serious, it's personal. It's full of love.

farmette life-204.jpg

Their spouses, their kids, they're all in this together. Little ones, feeding off the warmth and wisdom of their parents.

When you're old enough to be a grandma, you notice these things and if you're like me, you thank your stars every minute you're alive for your young ones, indeed, for all the good young people in this world who try so very hard to make this place a kind and loving home for everyone.