Sunday, October 26, 2008


It was time to do a thorough cleaning. You’d think those who are ridiculously fastidious and who routinely clean their home Sunday mornings should not have to binge clean. You’d think.

Five hours later I was tired. And still, there was (law) work to do.

Late in the afternoon I had had enough. I did what I never do: I borrowed a car and took a drive.

I felt that Fall had passed me by. My coastal travel had been to places (California and New York City) that don’t do Fall very dramatically. Somewhere in there I had missed the show.

And so I drove. Too tired to hike, I took a car spin west of Madison. Some of my favorite country roads are here, a handful of minutes away. The sky changed from partly cloudy to gray, but it did this in a stunning way. Many of the trees had dropped their leaves, but not all. The fields were mostly bare, though some still had corn. Cows were pulling at the last bits of green grass. It was a gorgeous drive. (Pulling off the road to take a photo can be challenging. Toward the end, I abandoned the car and hiked some, although most of these shots were taken with a car by my side. Total gas used: one eight of a tank. Decadence.)

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