Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The wind blew, the clouds rolled in and still I biked.


With no regrets.


And back, too, after work, to the café (the Oasis: EVP - Fitchburg), where the owner is celebrating a first day launch of sandwiches. Phenomenal sandwiches and phenomenal prices, proving to be phenomenally successful from day one. Excellent. I like to see favorite businesses flourish.

It drizzled a little and I got whipped around too, but no matter, I’m still biking, the greater distances this school year notwithstanding.


Meanwhile, back on the farm, Ed has applied two square feet of paint to the farmhouse – a small area of white trim. You may think that’s a puny showing for two days’ worth of work. You’d be wrong. Nothing should be rushed in life. Nothing.


Be warned: I was ensconced in law school stuff from 7 am til 9 pm. You’re not going to get much lucidity from me now. I am spent.

But I want to say this much: it was one of those days where I was especially impressed with the students that I teach. The day ended with a meal with one of the first year groups, out on State Street.

DSC08721 - Version 2

Or really off off State Street. The setting wasn’t much. I believe you’d properly call it a dive. The food? Let me find a word for it: predictably uninspired. But to their credit, the students seemed unconcerned. And the answers they gave to trivia games that happened to be played that evening at "the dive" were amazing. Who knew that law students were so spectacularly well prepared for the trivial aspects of life. Who knew.


For so many reasons, I was enormously proud of them.