Wednesday, October 03, 2007

late afternoon

By late in the day, I can't stand it. I leave my office and head toward the bike path.

You can do that in Madison -- hit the trail within minutes of your central digs. Past the lakes...

003 copy

... with only minor obstacles. [I imagine in the polar regions, people feel about penguins as I feel about geese: too omnipresent to be noted for their beauty; so move out of my path, already!]

007 copy

Back in April, I blogged about the Hmong farmers, renting land on the periphery of Madison, growing foods, flowers. Now, in early October, the harvest is winding down. Still, the work continues. Squash, green onions, cosmos. Long list. No more bugs now. Just a beautiful day to be outside.

014 copy

018 copy

One more look at the wetlands, now in dusk, with the same old geese looking regal now rather than pesty.

020 copy

A good ride. It's so easy here: the bike is unlatched, the helmet is on and there you have it. So long as the weather holds.