Thursday, October 03, 2013


First, a run through the ordinary. Nothing wrong with that! My "ordinary" moments are quite beautiful, especially when the sun stays bright and my world is calm.

Breakfast, in the sun room. I'm waiting for Ed to bring his bowls over to our corner by the window.

DSC00951 - Version 2

Then, a quick walk through the garden. I rarely post photos of the side garden -- the one that lines the dirt driveway. The lavender is doing well there. Still attracting the occasional bee.

DSC00956 - Version 2

And, too, I must thank the pots that lead up to the entrance of the farmhouse. Their blooms are always under-appreciated.

DSC00959 - Version 2

And of course, there is the front garden, displaying its own faded beauty.

DSC00960 - Version 2

Alright. Time to head to campus. You would not believe that we're on the second day of October! So warm! The food huts in Library Mall are doing a hefty business.

DSC00962 - Version 2

I have to stay downtown even later than usual. When I finally am ready to head home, I see that the sun has already dipped below the horizon. I'm just two blocks from the grand Lake Mendota. I'm tired, hungry -- all of it. Should I detour anyway? Yes I should.

DSC00971 - Version 2

And now I point rosie home. As I approach the farmhouse, I pause by Farmer Lee's fields. She still picks flowers for the markets, but I see that slowly, she is letting go of this bit of land. So that her cultivated flowers are mixing with the prairie. Against the backdrop of the changing foliage, it is a quite stunning display.

DSC00973 - Version 2

Alright, home. Dusk has definitely set in, but Ed is outside, working away. I see that the glass panels have arrived. After months of thinking this through, after all the preparations, corrections and speculations, he is at the point of wanting to bring together the final pieces. Here he is, constructing a way of moving the heavy panels -- all seventeen of them -- to the roof.

DSC00977 - Version 2

There is far too little light to forge ahead with things now, but I can tell he'll be at it at dawn. I continue to worry, but he is on a different plane now. For him, the excitement has set in.