Friday, May 17, 2013

bounce around

There's been a bit of a wild spin to this year, don't you think? I can't say that I'm used to linear progressions, but the recent months have had somewhat of a crazy run. Weather, family, work and anything else I deem important, have not stayed on the calm side of the equation.

So according to that formula, if yesterday was hot and physically grueling, today should be cool and more cerebral and stationary. And it was. All of that.

Breakfast -- you're thinking maybe that it was lovely? No, it was rather disjointed. We had had a number of significant distractions in the early morning and neither of us paid attention to the time and suddenly it was late. Ed ate hurriedly...

DSC02450 - Version 2

...then I ate, somewhat pensively...

DSC02453 - Version 2

...and then it was just a question of getting things done -- working, cleaning, weekly grocery restocking, etc etc and then getting myself over to the graduation ceremonies for out law students.

DSC02457 - Version 2

Watching these "kids" sail forth is always significantly moving for me. Most of my students will disappear from my radar screen pretty quickly. Every now and then, one will morph into being a good friend. I thought of all that today as I attended the celebrations. I smiled along with all those who came to applaud the graduates' successes.

DSC02464 - Version 2

And the winds howled and the temperatures dropped some twenty degrees and I can't say that I was surprised anymore.

DSC02462 - Version 2

At home, I finished cleaning inside and I clipped some flowers -- lilacs for the kitchen table and a small bouquet of lilies of the valley. The photo of this little bunch is for my friend, a former student, yes, but definitely a friend now. Something tells me she could use a whiff of sweetness now. For you, pal.

DSC02466 - Version 2