Sunday, December 21, 2014

the shortest day

The brilliant truth about the shortest day is that it can only stretch and become longer henceforth!

The shortest day of the year was characterized by: early, too early, cheaper awakening. That's because I couldn't really tell if the sun had risen or was only about to rise. Cloudy skies mess with your senses in that way.




...writing. I had an inspired moment at 4 a.m. A story spilled out of me quickly, fluently. I worked all day to edit and improve it.

I thought I saved it.

I hadn't saved it.

I flushed it down with my little trash icon and even Ed's heroic efforts failed to fully restore what I had single handedly thrown away.

Come evening, I had wanted to bring to your attention the moment the sun disappeared below the horizon, but 1. it was so early that I forgot to pay attention (4:26 p.m.) and 2. it was too cloudy to catch anyway.

But, here's the thing -- in the evening, the pregnant couple came over for supper and even though this truly is the shortest post on this shortest day, I can't help but recall that moment of radiance when they walked in.


Short post, short day, full heart.