Saturday, August 11, 2007


Okay, Nina. No more random Saturday market shots. Get a theme. Get a life.

How about this: take photos only of vendors where you buy something and post a photo from each such vendor?

Good challenge.

But, I fail. Pride keeps me from posting a photo from every place of purchase. The “tart lady” (with the heavenly cherry rose cakes) threw me. It is a non-salvageable photo and I absolutely refuse to put it up on flickr, let alone on Ocean. And the photos went mostly downhill from there.

Still, the first part of the challenge is a success. So, here are some of the places where I spent money today (first four: Westside Community Market; next one: Farmers Market on the Square; finally: Unearthed – not a market exactly, but a place where you can pick up old, decoratively restored implements from farms, villages and towns of the Midwest):

014 edamame copy
edamame bunches

030 green copy
all green

037 mushroom man, copy
heirlooms and mushrooms

027 flowers, copy
for my table

045 beets and carrots, copy
at the root of things

055 nozzles, copy
new use for old nozzles