Thursday, October 25, 2018


I know that 50F (10C) feels much warmer when it shows up in April than when it is the high on an October day. You're not ready for it now. You haven't grown that thick layer of feathers or whatever it is that your body needs to protect itself from the cold. This is that interim period, before winter, before snow (or dreams of snow), before the first of many Arctic blasts, when you think nothing sounds better than becoming a full fledged couch potato. Mmmm, lovely!

Stepping outside to snap a picture of the pretty crab apple is a huge undertaking.

farmette life-3.jpg

Tidying the garden? Forget it!

We have already had a nice sit this morning, of course. At breakfast time.

farmette life.jpg

And then I sit some more -- ostensibly to write, but honestly, the sitting at the kitchen table part is equally attractive.

In the afternoon, though, I am, thank God, forced to move: it's time to pick up Snowdrop.

Gulp! The girl wants to stay outside. She follows Ed. No, I don't want a jacket!  Clearly she has grown those winter feathers already.

He has collected milkweed seedpods from the many milkweed plants that grow by the picnic table. He wants to spread the seeds in the land behind the barn. She is so happy to help!

farmette life-9.jpg

Let them fly, Snowdrop.

farmette life-13.jpg

farmette life-25.jpg

farmette life-49.jpg

Inside, she wants to play... hair salon! She asks that I "paint" her hair, then bedeck it with ribbons.

farmette life-79.jpg

It's ahah's turn!

farmette life-57.jpg

Look at yourself in the (pretend) mirror, ahah!

farmette life-69.jpg

I get a lucky turn then: she moves into a game of hospital. I am the sick one. Lie down on this couch and cover yourself with the blanket, Gaga. And snuggle with your stuffie.

I can do that! It's couch time again as she goes off to launch her own story.

farmette life-80.jpg

Evening. Ed asks -- you want some popcorn? Ahhhh, couch time once more.