Sunday, February 03, 2013

super bowl sunday

I wish I liked football enough to participate in the great American experience of watching the Super Bowl. But I don't and so I wont give the game more than the few minutes and even that will be strained.

It's a tough day for those of us who can't quite understand why a football isn't even round.

For me, it's just a regular old day. With breakfast in the sun room...

DSC00750 - Version 2

...a lingering breakfast, because it's Sunday and you can do that on Sunday.

DSC00753 - Version 2

Then, a super good yoga class and today I am in class with my yoga buddy. Followed by a cup of tea with her at Paul's.

DSC00755 - Version 2

It's another cold day. But like yesterday, the clouds thin out by mid morning. What looks sulky gray early on, turns out to be a ravishing blue by late afternoon.

Ed and I load up the skis and head to our local park. One with a trail that I'd never tried before.

DSC00774 - Version 2

Most of our skiing is in the beautiful sunshine of a true Midwestern winter day. 

DSC00763 - Version 2

Cold? Well yes, that. But when you're skiing in sunshine, temperatures out there, single digit or otherwise, are (nearly) irrelevant.

DSC00781 - Version 2

The day moves forward. Closer and closer to the game.

DSC00788 - Version 2

I should think that one clever way to savor Super Bowl Sunday is to make your way to some typically crowded spot on that day, just so you can revel in the quietness as everyone (but you) huddles around the TV set at home.

But timing is everything and so it does no good to show up, for example, at Woodman's -- the cheap mega supermarket -- a chunk of hours before the game. We are then just one grocery cart among millions, all hurrying to load up on (I'm guessing) chips and salsa in time for the kickoff.

I do remember, at the end of the evening, to check which team won. Hmmm. Not San Francisco. Too bad. I like San Francisco. As if that would be any reason at all to wish a team success. I tell you, I'm just not a good football fan.