Saturday, January 25, 2020


As I ride the bus through sloppy snow showers, past foggy landscapes, I think less about the mess outside, about the mess in Washington, about the mess in my schedule this week and more about the wonderful young families in my life. Happy, hard working, with generous hearts and healthy spirits. Good people that do so much to make me smile.

I have only a half day in Chicago. And looking back on it, I see that there definitely is a food theme to it!

Of course, we start with a breakfast. A mini meal for the adults, somewhat more milky crunchy and substantial one for Primrose.


And is it coincidence that immediately after, the little girl turns to her own pretend cooking?


And pretend ice cream eating?


(I smile when I recall her real eating yesterday evening: I opened a bucket of real pickles -- made with salt, rather than vinegar which in my Polish opinion is a cheat. I wanted to cut myself a slice and Primrose insisted on eating her own whole pungent pickle. She's got Eastern Europe in her blood for sure.)

And do you really think it's just chance that leads her to pick the book about pizza for a repeat read?


(I did say "repeat read," didn't I?)


Our bigger meal (aka brunch) is at Lonesome Rose. I love this place as much as Primrose does (though she opts for the tacos, while I pick a tostada).


It's just the right amount of food and the atmosphere is always cheerful and welcoming. And they cook well too! Such a bonus!


Oftentimes I linger with the young family after a Saturday brunch. We may visit a bakery, a coffee shop, or a toy store. But not today. I need to get back to the farmette and get ready for tomorrow's move and the week's tasks.

(walking in the direction of the L train that will take me to the bus station)


It will not be an easy set of days, but again, it hardly matters. The young faces are before me and their smiles are lovely and contagious.

At the farmette, Ed has done a good bit of tidying, sparing me the normal Sunday clean up. I cook up a big pot of vegetable and bean soup that will last us into the week. It's always good to have a pot of soup ready and waiting, don't you think?