Monday, October 29, 2012

a day of leftovers

Just remember, two more days and it'll be November. Remember that when you scan the post for content. Remember that I'm gasping for air and what I come up with isn't worth noting here. Do you really want to know that my one fun outing was to Target where I bought nothing at all? That I finally took the step of giving up my land line? (This last move was prompted by the election calls I got this last month. Often a dozen a day. And no one else calls, ever. Except once every two years, my father, from Poland. I have another solution for him. Google phone!) Otherwise, I worked.

After a sunny breakfast...

DSC00789 - Version 2

And a trip to Paul's cafe, where I worked some more. Until closing. Oh, here's a different shot for you -- of the farmhouse, as we approach it in the early evening from the road.

DSC00804 - Version 2

From here, it looks larger than it really is (just as from the back, it looks smaller than it really is).

Dinner? Well now. Yesterday I made spaghetti ai frutti di mare (well, at least one type of frutti -- shrimp). This, after watching one person after another in Maine last week order at a superb restaurant spaghetti with shrimp. Come on! I kept thinking... why order this here when you can make it at home? So I made it at home (or some inferior version of it). But I sauteed too many shrimp and boiled too many noodles so today's dinner was reheated spaghetti in a sauce of left overs and frozen stuff: yesterday's shrimp, frozen tiny tomatoes from the garden, frozen corn from the market, limp leftover scallion. Delightfully unfresh, but oh so honest!

DSC00806 - Version 2