Sunday, December 29, 2019

and a beautiful day after...

The feel of the days after a holiday is so different when the family lingers! You hardly notice that the celebrations came yesterday. Today is equally special.

It was a busy day, but in a good way. I put aside worries about where my mom should be in a few weeks or a few months. I turned my attention fully on the young ones.

Primrose wakes up with the cheepers. They're raring to go. She's raring to go.

farmette life-15.jpg

(hey, who's the photographer around her)

farmette life-17.jpg

(feeding "the girls")

farmette life-25.jpg

(hurrying to greet the arriving cousins...)

farmette life-43.jpg

Sparrow is the quieter soul of the lot. Happy to snuggle... to have someone read him a book.

farmette life-76.jpg

I make shakshouka for brunch. I know, I know, it's not the first time!

farmette life-96.jpg

farmette life-105.jpg

farmette life-122.jpg

farmette life-126.jpg

In the late afternoon, we go to the Childrens Museum. Snowdrop is thrilled to show her cousin "the ropes."

farmette life-166.jpg

farmette life-228.jpg

farmette life-211.jpg

farmette life-235.jpg

We stay until the Museum is ready to close. As I drive home, I think how pretty the downtown is at this time of the year...

farmette life-256.jpg

Back at the farmhouse, a photo tradition: the cousins!!

farmette life-265.jpg

Dinner -- I make chicken, shrimp and fish tacos. Ed fires up the tortillas.

farmette life-284.jpg

There's a bit of cheese that winds up on the floor. Primrose helps vacuum it all up. Loud noise? No problem! The girl is absolutely fearless!

farmette life-328.jpg

Fearless and infinitely huggable.

farmette life-318.jpg

I feel this does end the holiday season for me. It's been a rough and tumble set of weeks. But with plenty of highlights. This weekend was surely a super highlight.