Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Easily bothered? Then this day’s not for you. I mean, you really have to be made of tough stuff to come out unscathed and unperturbed after a day packed full of annoyances and irritants.

Work issues? Well sure there are always those. But worse: how about the wasted hours fixing internet commerce snafus? And time frittered on phone exchanges that are only mildly relevant to the task at hand?

Well so what – there are days like this. You ignore the brilliant skies and the lovely promises of spring and you blunder along, fitting as best as you can nearly everything into an already full day

Hey, at least the ice is nearly melted on Lake Mendota. Can you believe it? It’s the latest spring I remember in south central Wisconsin.


I can hardly stay awake long enough to write this. Sleep: I deeply miss good nights of sleep.