Saturday, February 20, 2010


Two days ago, on a break from case reading, I looked up the weather for the week-end. Sunny! -- announced.

It seemed right to give winter a final moment in the spotlight. Sorry, -- in the sun. To get in the car, head out into the countryside, and then dive into a snowbank or two, all the while reveling in glorious light of a February afternoon.

What I appreciate about my occasional traveling companion is this: when nothing turns out to be as it had been planned, he appears not to notice.

(Today, he appeared not to notice.)

The details are for tomorrow. Though let me leave you with a hint of where we are at the moment:


No no, not the Gulf of Mexico. Here, let me add another hopeful to help sort things properly.


Tomorrow I’ll explain. For now, let me say this much: Wisconsin can offer up splendid days even in February, even when the sun stays well hidden behind puffy clouds of gray.